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    Welcome to "Maian Friend", a simple and free PHP tell a friend system.

    This system is released under the Creative Commons Licence.

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    I hope you find this system useful. If you do use it, let me know as its always nice to hear how people use my scripts.

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    David Ian Bennett

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    MD5 Checksum: ED3D52EE437E25DE0187BE81F24214C4
    SHA1 Checksum: CEAF73D22086B1EA8D5CB841DF59430D79EDF9A7

    I`m sorry, but this script is offered as is with no support. A new version may appear in the future.

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    Hope you enjoy and find some use for Maian Friend.

    Server requirements can be found in the documentation.

    If you get a white screen or errors, check your server error logs.

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    To view a demo of this free system, please click the link below:

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  4. Language Packs

    Available language packs are shown below. If you would like to submit a language pack, please refer to the readme file when you download the script. Thanks.

    v3.0 Language Packs

    French Language Pack Thanks to: Luc Roch

    Italian Language Pack Thanks to: Salvo Arena

    Norwegian Language Pack Thanks to: Geir P Flaglien

    Persian Language Pack Thanks to: Ash

    Slovenian Language Pack Thanks to: Stane Accetto

    Spanish Language Pack Thanks to: Manuel Ortiz

    Turkish Language Pack Thanks to: Nejdet Acar

    v2.2 Language Packs

    Arabic Language Pack Thanks to: Khamis Alkutob

    Brazilian/Portuguese Language Pack Thanks to: Edgar Serra

    Croatian Language Pack Thanks to: Neven Antic

    Danish Language Pack Thanks to: Steen Pedersen

    Dutch Language Pack Thanks to: Philip Nijhoff

    German Language Pack Thanks to: Robert Seyfriedsberger

    Norwegian Language Pack Thanks to: Morten Bredal

    Spanish/Latin Thanks to: Marc Antonsen

    Turkish Language Pack Thanks to: Murat Esgin

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    "Maian Friend" is free software and used at your own risk. Older software such as this is no longer supported, this enables me to focus on new software. A new version of this software may appear at some point in time, but for now, support requests will be ignored. Sorry about that.

    You can view all commercial software and see what`s new on the Maian Script World website.

    If you are interested in seeing a new version of Maian Friend let me know via the MSWorld contact page. This can help me decide on future products.

    "Maian Friend" is copyrighted software, but if you wish to remove the copyright notice in the script, please consider a donation. If you want to resell the system, please contact me.

    Thank you for your interest and I hope you find some use for Maian Friend,

    David Ian Bennett - Lead Developer

    Special thanks to: Nicola Hibbert